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Are you new to the Beauty world or a complete Pro?

Business Moo
For all the Business Moos out there! - Calling all salon owners, owners of business chains or franchises...the decision makers within a business - This is for you!Also, if you are looking into the awesome Business Master programme, want to book your onsite training, or purchase training and product bundles for your business - you need this one.You will need to upload a copy of business insurance or beauty qualification to access this account.
Qualified Moo
Salon owners & Qualified therapists -Are you experienced with hot wax already? Do you want start using our scrummy product range, or be a master of Intimate waxing? Then this is the account for you.We will need either a copy of your professional certificates or business insurance in order for you to qualify for a wholesale account with us.
Fresh Moo
New to waxing or fresh to the industry?Are you looking to get into the Beauty industry, and specialise in waxing? Or, have you been out of the industry for a while and want to freshen up? Then sign up here, and book yourself onto the Essential Master course to get your started.This is your stepping stone into the wonderful world of waxing!

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